Just upgraded to WP 3.1

We’re Back In Business

After quite a long hiatus… over a year, we’re back in operations; after resolving the technical issues. Actually after resolving the malaise issues at hand.

New Themes & Core Engine

As usual problems upon upgrading the blog platform to the latest version WP2.8.4a. I think theres some issues I’ve overlooked between WP and Buddypress when upgrading.

On a related note, just introduced new user themes to pick from and updated several existing ones.


Just upgraded the core blog engine. Boring stuff. Apart from that playing with some Image Gallery plugins to see which works the best and easiest to use. Target to get that finalized and stabilized by week’s end.

More Stuff

Another new day and even more testing and functional improvements being introduced- which just leads to more testing! Haha… Anyway, after getting the core system implemented and working finely now (fingers crossed), we will be alternatingly introducing visual and functional improvements. Hopefully this means the best of both worlds given the resources available to a team of one.

So, today theme is THEMES– yup, more visual candy to customize your own sites with. Most, if not all the themes are widget-ready, so there’ll be little or no configurations/ technical messing required. In any case, if anyone needs any help, just drop a line.

Over the past few days, we have implemented the Gigya Socialize API that integrates seamlessly (in the background) this site and your accounts with Facebook and Twitter (currently- more will come). You can now sign-up or login using your external accounts- thus cutting down signing up process, and more importantly easier access and connectivity to your FB and/ or Twitter space.

Right now, you can update your status direct to FB, from the main page. We are working on the friends invite functionality. Once that is done, the following are in order: –

  1. Making friends status updates easily accessible from within your site
  2. Making notification flow both ways.

Not jumping the gun, but there’s lots more to come and do! Over for Twitter, you know have an option to post a link to your posts directly to your Twitter timeline (or many other social sites, in fact); by just clicking on an icon at the end of your published post.

As usual, please send any comments or queries our way. In the meantime, blog away!

The Just You Team.